Rijksmuseum de Gevangenpoort
Den Haag

The Gevangenpoort is a medieval prison in The Hague. Since 1882, the building has housed a museum. The Gevangenpoort is located near the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver.

Haags Historisch Museum
Den Haag

The Hague Historical Museum is a museum located on the Korte Vijverberg in The Hague, dedicated to the history of this city. The museum is housed in the former Sint Sebastiaansdoelen.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Den Haag

The KB is the National Library of the Netherlands. It collects everything published in and about the Netherlands, from medieval literature to present-day publications. Approximately 7 million publications are stored in its repositories.

Nationaal Archief
Den Haag

The National Archives manages the largest collection of archives in the Netherlands. The collection consists of significant documents from the national government, archives from the South Holland province, and private archives.

Museum Panorama Mesdag
Den Haag

Scheveningen on the Panorama of Mesdag. Panorama Mesdag is the oldest panorama in the world that can still be admired at its original location. The vista, with a length of 120 meters and height of 14 meters, offers a unique view of Scheveningen in June 1881.

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